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Carolina Panthers Drums Up Already Hot In NFL 2019: Is America Ready?

What’s more American than showering all your aggression in a stadium of the high voltage Super Bowl without having to go behind the bars for it? And as the famous Super Bowl legends would say that to Love the Super Bowl, one has to think what January’s were like before NFL came along, America has only just begun to warm up for the what’s in store for this year’s league.

With the announcement of opening of ticket sales at  NFL fans can now view every match, the events surrounding these high voltage league plays, and behind the scenes NFL live coverage of their favorite teams. More so as the billion dollar club Carolina Panthers strive to wage an all-out war for eternal glory against its rivals following the loss of their division title to the Falcons, NFL 2019 might as well beat the global warming statistics by a huge margin.

With the 2019 NFL already overheated it is highly advised for all NFL fans to grab the already limited NFL tickets without any further loss of time, before live streaming on ESPN becomes the only hope. The reigning NFC champions would be challenged by Carolina Panthers in this season of NFL when they launch their campaign on September 8th, 2019.

NFL Dates for Caroline Panthers:

Home preseason NFL 2019 schedule for Caroline Panthers 2019

  • Week 1: Thursday August 8 vs. Chicago Bears at 8.00 pm (Panthers Television Network)
  • Week 2: Friday August 16 vs. Buffalo Bills at 7.00 pm (Panthers Television Network)
  • Week 3: Thursday August 22 vs. New England Patriots at 7.30 pm (Panthers Television Network)
  • Week 4: Thursday August 29 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers at 7.00 pm (Panthers Television Network)

Home Regular Season Schedule for Carolina Panthers 2019

  • Week 1: Sunday September 8 vs. Los Angeles Rams (Fox)
  • Week 2: Thursday September 12 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 8.20 pm (NFL Network)
  • Week 3: Sunday September 22 vs. Arizona Cardinals at 4.05 pm (Fox)
  • Week 4: Sunday September 29 vs. Houston Texans at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 5: Sunday October 6 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at 1.00 pm ( CBS)
  • Week 6: Sunday October 13 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 9.30 pm (NFL Network)
  • Week 8: Sunday October 27 vs. San Francisco 49ers at 4.05 pm (Fox)
  • Week 9: Sunday November 3 vs. Tennessee Titans at 1.00 pm (CBS)
  • Week 10: Sunday November vs. Green Bay Packers at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 11: Sunday November 17 vs. Atlanta Falcons at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 12: Sunday November 24 vs. New Orleans Saints at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 13: Sunday December 1 vs. Washington Redskins at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 14: Sunday December 8 vs. Atlanta Falcons at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 15: Sunday December 15 vs. Seattle Seahawks at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 16: Sunday December 22 vs. Indianapolis Colts at 1.00 pm (Fox)
  • Week 17: Sunday December 29 vs. New Orleans Saints at 1.00 pm (Fox)

About the Team:

The Carolina Panthers are one of the professional football teams in America based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded as the NFL’s 29th franchise in 1993, the team calls the Bank of America Stadium in uptown Charlotte its home. The Panthers began playing under Jerry Richardson, the original founder cum owner in 1996and posted an all time best for an NFL expansion team’s season one. The team made its way to the playoff a total of seven times, and even returned to the Super Bowl in 2015 after the Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003) only to be defeated by Denver Broncos.

History of the Club:

The journey of the Carolina Panthers began when an entrepreneur by the name of Jerry Richardson announced his bid on 15th December 1987 for an expansion franchise in Carolina. Since he was rooted in the NFL culture (being an ex- wide receiver on Baltimore Colts), Jerry already had a vision and a roadmap in front of him to lead the franchise. Also inspired by George Shinn, who pursued a similar successful bid for NBA expansion team, the Charlotte Hornets, Jerry and the Panthers went on to held successive preseason games in the Carolinas, followed by matches against other NFL members in succession, and was unanimously admitted as the 29th NFL member by the 28 existing NFL members.

Awards and Achievements:

Since 1995 the Carolina Panthers have been to four NFC championship games (1996, 2003, 2005 and 2015); and became the first and only team to win the NFC south in succession. The Panthers also hold the recognition for winning the most numbers of NFC South than any other teams in this division.

Star Player:

The Panthers probably have the strongest offensives in the 2019 season which might give a big lead while taking other competitors head on. With Daryl Williams on the offensive, the team might be more than ready to bulldoze their way to the touchdown mark at every opportunity they receive.

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