Detroit Lions Live Stream Free Online 2019

Detroit Lions Live Stream Free Online 2019 Now


America, are you ready for the biggest crossover?

Every year the American football lovers wait for this National Football League, and guess what the NFL 2019 live is now on air. Football lovers will see the bets teams clashing and fighting against each other, and trying to acquire the crown for the best team,. This is one of the major attractions for football lovers all over the world.

About the team

The Detroit Lions are a professional American football team which is based in Detroit in Michigan. This team competes in the National Football League (NFL) and is a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) North division. The team plays its home games at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit. You can watch them play in the NFL 2019 live now.

History of the teams

This team is originally based in Portsmouth, Ohio and so was previously known as the Portsmouth Spartans. This team formally joined the league on July 12, 1930 and began to play in the tournament from that season onwards. Though the team gained success in NFL, they could not keep up themselves in Portsmouth, since it was then NFL’s smallest city.. From 1934 season onwards, the team was bought and its new location became Detroit, from them till today, Detroit is its home ground.

In 1934, George A. Richards, who was a radio executive and owned the WJR, purchased the team of Portsmouth Spartans for $8,000 and moved the team to Detroit, and renamed the team Detroit Lions, based on the home city. In that league, when they were playing for the first time for Detroit several months later, after they have been renamed so, the Lions started off with a 10-game win  that included seven shutouts. Inspire of this roaring success they lost the last three games of that season to the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears and finished in second place after the Bears from the Western Division, and once again they  came up short to their rivals. In 1935, Dutch Clark led the NFL with 55 points, while Ernie Caddel led the Detroit Lions in the league with 621 yards and he carried his team to a 7–3–2 record, and it kind of created a record, it was happening in the Western Division for the first time. And because of this arrangement, they advanced to the 1935 NFL finals against the New York Giants and won the game accordingly.

NFL dates for Detroit Lions

You can watch NFL 2019 live online, but there is a different joy in going to stadium and watching your favorite team play. So you need to buy tickets from either the official NFL site or from Detroit Lion’s site also.

  • Game 1: August 9, Friday, 5:00 am, Patriots vs Lions
  • Game 2: August18, Sunday, 5:30 am Texans vs Lions
  • Game 3: August 24, Saturday, 5:30 am, Bills vs Lions
  • Game 4: August 30, Friday, 5:00 am, Browns vs Lions
  • Game 5: September 9, Saturday, 1:55 am, Cardinals vs Lions
  • Game 6: September 15, Friday, 10:30 pm, Chargers vs Lions
  • Game 7: September 22, Friday, 5:50 am, Eagles vs Lions
  • Game 8: September 29, Friday, 1:55 am, Chiefs vs Lions
  • Game 9:  October 10, Saturday, 10:30 pm, Packers vs Lions
  • Game 10: October 20 , Tuesday, 10:30 pm, vikings vs Lions
  • Game 11: October 27, Tuesday, 10:30 pm, Giants vs Lions
  • Game 12: November 4, Tuesday, 2:35 am, Raidors vs Lions
  • Game 13: November 17, Monday, 11:30 pm,  Bears vs Lions
  • Game 14: December 1, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Cowboys vs Lions
  • Game 15: November 24,, Monday, 2:35 am, Redskins vs Lions
  • Game 16: November 28,, Thursday,, 2:35 am, Bears vs Lions
  • Game 17: December 8, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Vikings vs Lions
  • Game 18: December 15, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Buccaneers vs Lions
  • Game 19 : December 22, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Broncos vs Lions.
  • Game 20 : December 29, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Packers vs Lions.

Hall of Fame

The Lions have many players’ in the list of their hall of fame. All of them have amazing contribution towards their team which has led people remember their names long after they have retired. Some of these players had came back as coaches. The names of those famous players are :

Lem Barney, Bobby Layne, Jack Christiansen, Dick LeBeau, Dutch Clark, Ollie Matson, Lou Creekmur, Hugh McElhenny, Curley Culp, Barry Sanders, Bill Dudley, Charlie Sanders, Frank Gatski, Joe Schmidt, John Henry Johnson, Dick Stanfel, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Doak Walker, Yale Lary Alex Wojciechowicz

To watch NFL 2019 live stream, you have to book tickets beforehand, in the ways and sites as mentioned earlier and then shout for the lions as they roar out on the fields.

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