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Streaming NFL Live for the Houston Texan Fans

People of America are very excited about the new season of the NFL Live. The people from Texas have two teams to choose from, and Houston Texans are one of them. This is an amazing team, and you can check out their matches on the internet through the live streaming. This is a new club, and even though the club has not made a lot of achievements in the league, the fan base is sure that this team is sure to win soon. The team has their first match this season on the 08th of August against Green Bay Packers.

You can buy NFL tickets or watch the game online through NFL live live streaming. This is a great way to watch the match. You may not always have to be in the field to cheer your team. The match can be enjoyed as much through the NFL live stream. Houston Texans is a team with a huge fan base, and here is a detailed article about this famous club from Texas.

Here is the detailed list of the scheduled games for Houston Texans. The dates are as follows, and you can watch them through the NFL live streaming.

NFL Dates for Houston Texans

WEEK 1: (Thu 08/08 – 7:00 PM CDT) vs. Green Bay Packers at GREEN BAY, WIS

WEEK 2: (Sat 08/17 – 7:00 PM CDT) vs. Detroit Lions at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 3: (Sat 08/24 – 6:00 PM CDT) vs. Dallas Cowboys at ARLINGTON, TEXAS

WEEK 4: (Thu 08/29 – 7:00 PM CDT) vs. Los Angeles Rams at HOUSTON, TEXAS


WEEK 1: (Mon 09/09 – 6:10 PM CDT) vs. New Orleans Saints at NEW ORLEANS, LA

WEEK 2: (Sun 09/15 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 3: (Sun 09/22 – 3:25 PM CDT) vs. Los Angeles Chargers at CARSON, CALIF

WEEK 4: (Sun 09/29 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Carolina Panthers at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 5: (Sun 10/06 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Atlanta Falcons at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 6: (Sun 10/13 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Kansas City Chiefs at KANSAS CITY, MO

WEEK 7: (Sun 10/20 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Indianapolis Colts at INDIANAPOLIS, IND

WEEK 8: (Sun 10/27 – 12:00 PM CDT) vs. Oakland Raiders at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 9: (Sun 11/03 – 8:30 AM CST) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at LONDON

WEEK 10: Bye Week

WEEK 11: (Sun 11/17 – 12:00 PM CST) vs. Baltimore Ravens at BALTIMORE, MD

WEEK 12: (Thu 11/21 – 7:20 PM CST) vs. Indianapolis Colts at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 13: (Sun 12/01 – 7:20 PM CST) vs. New England Patriots at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 14: (Sun 12/08 – 12:00 PM CST) vs. Denver Broncos at HOUSTON, TEXAS

WEEK 15: (Sun 12/15 – 12:00 PM CST) vs. Tennessee Titans at NASHVILLE, TENN

WEEK 16: (TBD · TBD) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at TAMPA, FLA

WEEK 17: (Sun 12/29 – 12:00 PM CST) vs. Tennessee Titans at HOUSTON, TEXAS

About the Team

This is an NFL team from Houston, Texas and competes in the NFL. They compete here as a team from the AFC (American Football Conference) South division. They have their mascot as Toro, which is a bull and representative of their land – Texas. The club made its debut in 2002 in the form of an expansion team. The NGR Stadium is the home stadium for this team.

History of the Club

The owner of this club is Robert McNair. This is a comparatively younger or rather the youngest team in the NFL competition. However, they have a great fan base, and they joined the league in the 2002 season as an expansion team. Their first match was in Reliant Stadium which was newly founded in the year. They had a very bad season in the year 2014 with a 14-game streak of loss.

Awards and Achievements

In about 16 years of the club, they have not yet won any Super Bowl Championships. But then again they have five AFC South Division Titles in the years 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2018. Apart from this, they have also won five Playoff Berths.

Star Player

Justin James Watt is the star player who was brought to the team in 2011. He plays at the defensive end for the team and is one of the best in the position.  He was drafted by the team with the eleventh pick of the NFL Draft in the first round of 2011. He played college football in Wisconsin and now has become a star of the Houston Texans.

With young talent and great perseverance, this team is hopeful of making a big impact in the tournament this year. They have their fans behind them, and they have their official mascot to remind them to always charge forward like the bull. The great team has a season coming up, and they are hopeful to have one of the best seasons this year.

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