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America gets ready for football tournament

America’s one of the most awaited football tournaments the Nationals Football League is now live, and you can watch NFL live free. When all of America’s oldest clubs, comes under one platform, it means that the football fans are flooding out of their homes, and buy NFL tickets, in huge numbers to cheer out loud for their favorite teams. You can go over to NFL’s original website to book your tickets, or you can get some exclusive tickets through Jacksonville jaguar’s official website. if you are a true fan of the roaring Jaguars now is the time to go over and show your support in the live audience because NFL live now.

About the team

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional football franchise which is based in Jacksonville in Florida. This team competes in the tournament of National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC) South division. The team has as its home field the TIAA Bank Field.

Since the year of their inception till 2011, the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars’ for majority times are Wayne Weaver. The team was then purchased by Pakistani-born businessman Shahid Khan for an estimated $770 million in 2015, Forbes estimated the team value at $1.48 billion

History of the team

The Gator Bowl stadium was built out of steel trusses and was frequently built onto, with the final addition of the reinforced-concrete west upper deck coming in 1982. The stadium hosted short-lived teams in the World Football League (Jacksonville Sharks/Express), American Football Association (Jacksonville Firebirds, a team that coincidentally used the Jaguars name in its earlier years) and the United States Football League (Jacksonville Bulls) and the occasional NFL exhibition game. The city briefly attempted to lure the Baltimore Colts, whose team owner Robert Irsay famously landed a helicopter in the stadium as thousands of Jacksonville citizens urged him to move the team there. City leaders also attempted to get the Houston Oilers to move to Jacksonville at one point in the late 1980s. (At the time, Oilers owner Bud Adams threatened the relocation of the Oilers out of Houston since the Astrodome was not updated until the Harris County Sports Authority responded with a $67 million improvement.) Great efforts were made to lure the Oilers, including the creation of a “Jacksonville Oilers” banner and designation of a specific section of the Gator Bowl as a non-alcohol, family section for proposed home games. Though the efforts proved unsuccessful, it did serve as a launching pad for the city’s attempt to gain an NFL expansion team.:)

NFL dates for Jacksonville Jaguars

You can watch NFL coverage,in various channels as well. The NFL dates for games are.


  • Game 1: August 9, Friday, 5:00 am, Ravens vs Jaguars
  • Game 2: August16, Friday, 4:30 am, Eagles vs Jaguars
  • Game 3: August 23, Friday, 5:30 am, Dolphins vs Jaguars
  • Game 4:August 30, Friday, 4:30 am, Falcons vs Jaguars
  • Game 5:September 8, Friday, 4:30 am, Chiefs vs Jaguars
  • Game 6:September 15, Friday, 10:30 pm, Texans vs Jaguars
  • Game 7:September 20, Wednesday, 5:50 am, Titans vs Jaguars
  • Game 8:September 30, Saturday, 1:55 am, Broncos vs Jaguars
  • Game 9: October 10, Saturday, 10:30 pm, Panthers vs Jaguars
  • Game 10:October 13, Tuesday, 10:30 pm, Saints vs Jaguars
  • Game 11:October 20, Tuesday, 10:30 pm, Bengals vs Jaguars
  • Game 12:October 27, Tuesday, 10:30 pm, Jets vs Jaguars
  • Game 13:November 25, Monday, 2:35 am, Titans vs Jaguars
  • Game 14:December 1, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Buccaneers vs Jaguars
  • Game 15:December 9, Monday, 2:35 am, Chargers vs Jaguars
  • Game 16:December 16, Monday, 2:35 am, Raiders vs Jaguars
  • Game 17:December 22, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Falcons vs Jaguars
  • Game 18:December 29, Sunday, 11:30 pm, Colts vs Jaguars


Achievements of Jacksonville Jaguars

In the season of 1995, both Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers joined this tournament as expansion teams. Since they have started playing in this tournament, these teams have won division championships consecutively in the years 1998 and 1999. They were then members of the AFC Central which is now dysfunctional and in 2017 they won the tournament as members of the AFC South. They have also qualified for the playoffs seven times, including the most recent time in 2017, and they did it after a drought of playoffs for 10 years in a row.

Star Players

In July 2006, a contest was held to name a player in the club’s ring of honor and also attain on him the title “Pride of the Jaguars” and he was chosen with a total of 36% votes. During the 2006 session of this tournament, against the New York Jets on October 8, this pride of the jaguar first started to unveil. Tony Boselli, Jaguars first offensive former tackle was given this title, and as was his game, he truly deserved this one.

On 1 January 2012, the owner of this team Wayne Weaver and his wife Delores were added in this club of Pride of the Jaguars in their final games before even the sale of the team went to Shahid Khan. On June 7, 2012 the Jaguars announced Fred Taylor would be the next inductee into the Pride of the Jaguars.

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